Jason Hope Addresses Dystopian Concerns About Future Technology

Jason Hope has always been an eternal optimist. Always focusing on the possible, the Arizona entrepreneur has made a career out of seeing the possibilities before anyone else even knew they existed.

If Jason Hope is a representative example of optimism’s fruits, then we all should work towards their harvest.

But there are serious problems facing the United States. While many of these issues are helped or even resolved by technology, often times the technology created to resolve them ends up creating more, even larger problems. One such example of this is the coming advent of and widespread automation brought by the Internet of Things. As more industries become automated, mid and low-level workers will be put out of jobs. In an increasingly tech-heavy, advanced economy, it is doubtful that many of these workers will be able to be retrained in a field where they are actually capable of creating more value than the automations that would replace them. This build-up of decreasing labor value at the lowest levels can be illustrated by analogy.

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Say that, in five years, a fast food worker is let go from their job because it has been replaced with automated food preparation equipment. In the past, that person may have been able to quickly get another low-level job, such as driving a truck. But in 2022, most of those truck driving jobs will also likely be automated, leaving the individual unemployed. Many answer that they could be trained to program automations. But that is unlikely, if they would have been capable of that, they would have already been doing it or something similar.

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How to Start a Successful Company

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Future Plans


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