Securus Technologies is Helping to Keep Our Jail Free of Contraband

Perhaps the biggest issue that we have at the jail I work is contraband getting into the hands of the inmates. Ask just about any prisoner in our jail and they will tell you that they have an easier time getting drugs in jail than they did out on the streets. That is something we are not proud of, and we have been making great strides in getting this under control.


Each day, me and my team start out by carefully inspecting the belongings and the person who is on the visitor lists. These folks are not allowed into the jail until they are checked thoroughly. Even then, contraband gets into the jail.


Each day, me and my team do surprise inspections of cells, and even though we find a decent quantity of drugs, the problem seems to be getting worse in recent weeks. We have several informants on the inside that help, but it is like trying to plug a bursting dame with a stick of gum.


One of the resources we use daily is the inmate communication system. By monitoring what the inmates say on the phone to each other, we have been able to stop or intercept many deliveries from civilians. When we got the call that Securus Technologies was going to upgrade our communication system we knew we finally had something in our hands that would put a huge dent into the efforts of the inmates to get contraband into their cells.


After my first week of training, I was able to overhear two brothers talking about how the heroin was being brought into the jail. We began looking at mail in a whole new way and discovered many of the letters we thought were clean were coated with drugs that were making it right under our noses to the inmates.


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