Fabletics Expands Further

It’s no secret that in today’s economy, companies have to be creative to attract new customers. With the e-commerce markets as abundant as they are, it’s difficult for most companies to get the attention they need to succeed. Luckily, a recent shift in consumer behavior made it possible for newer companies to compete with large corporations.

Arguably the greatest trend that’s ever affected the economy, crowd-sourced reviews are changing the way businesses advertise. The companies smart enough to adapt their marketing strategies to embrace these user reviews are reaping rewards greater than anyone expected. It’s a fact that companies depend on crowdsourcing just as much as modern consumers.

Since the rise in user reviews, many studies confirmed that people use user reviews to determine final purchases. What it comes down to is trust; it’s as simple as that. People no longer trust traditional marketing and advertising, but they do trust online reviews from people with personal experiences.

On study, conducted by BrightLocal, found that over 80 percent of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. As more studies are conducted, the results show that the number of people trusting online reviews is on the rise.

One company that’s come a long way because of crowdsourcing is Fabletics. In just four years, Fabletic’s grown into a $250 million business with over one million paying members. What started as a flashy e-commerce brand has grown into a massive international craze with over 15 retail stores.

There’s something about Fabletics that members really seem to love. The most obvious benefit of being a Fabletics member is the low prices. Fabletics offer on-trend activewear for half the cost of any of their competitors. Ordinarily, cheaper products mean lower quality but not so with Fabletics.

One person keeping Fabletic’s standards above sub par is Kate Hudson. As a co-founder, she’s got a lot say in how the company represents itself. She didn’t want Fabletics to be another fashion brand that cared more about being successful than keeping its customers in mind. Kate Hudson’s mission is to inspire women to embrace health and fitness.

Fabletics is her tool to accomplish that goal. That’s why it’s so important that Fabletics offer lines for all sizes of women. Usually, plus-size and petite women are left out of the trend. Fabletics makes lines ranging from XXS to 3X.


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