Securus Technologies: Starting a New Business Venture

Securus Technologies has recently acquired GovNetPay, an online payment system for paying public transactions including fines, bails, fees, and taxes. Securus Technologies has become one of the most successful telecommunications company in the United States and Canada, serving more than 3,500 correctional facilities and providing them with their communication needs. They are also looking after the communication needs of more than one million prisoners, giving them a chance to communicate with their loved ones outside the correctional facility using the state of the art devices from Securus Technologies. According to Mr. Pickens, the present CEO of Securus Technologies, acquiring GovNetPay would give them the edge over their competitors, and he also added that putting the leading payment system in the United States would make them ahead of their competitors in the field of providing convenient payment services to the public.



It is a great business idea for Securus Technologies to acquire GovNetPay because now that the payment system is under their ownership, the families of the prisoners can directly pay through the system, and it will be processed faster due to their in-house computer technology.



GovNetPay was created in 1997 by a sheriff who wanted to have a fast and reliable system that can process the transactions of the people in his county who has to pay their fees and fines. With the help of several people working in the computer industry, GovNetPay was introduced. It quickly became one of the most popular payment platforms in the United States, and it managed to gain popularity in 26% of all the total number of counties in America. According to Securus Technologies, they will be improving the features found inside the portal of GovnetPay to ensure convenient and fast transactions. GovNetPay continues to become one of the most popular payment platforms in the United States.



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