Betsy DeVos Continues to Dodge Public Criticism

President Trump recently redacted a policy that allowed transgender students in public schools to use the bathrooms that match the gender they identify with. Betsy DeVos, the secretary of education, met with a member of the Education Department before the change in policy was made public to inform them of the impending change.


DeVos and her aides assured employees that she had openly opposed the change; however, she had previously made no mention of her opposition to the policy and appeared to support the change once it was formally announced. On the other hand, though, people who personally know Betsy have warned naysayers not to think that she will be quick to side with the popular Republican opinion. They say that, although she is gracious in public, even when facing a setback, she’s earned a reputation of being a relentless political fighter over the years. In fact, she’s often used her family’s wealth to reward those who have stood beside her while working to create legislation that supports her vision, no matter what it takes.


Although she came to Washington D.C. with little experience and a sparse relationship with the President, she managed to land the role of Secretary of Education. Unfortunately, when the argument about bathroom use for transgender students came up, Betsy was at a disadvantage against experienced politician Jeff Sessions.


Although she may have lost this battle, many who know her say they expect she’ll learn her way around and start to win more battles. But, as billionaires and private school advocates, many have accused the DeVos family of not really understanding the struggles the public school system faces or what it’s like for middle class people trying to afford an education.


For about 30 years, Betsy was a public advocate of charter schools and fought very hard to take away money from public schools and instead give it to charter schools. Some feel that this is all part of a plan to eliminate public education by taking away all of its resources. Those in support of the plan argue that it helps give lower income families a choice between public and private education and puts pressure on schools to improve educational standards.


DeVos has certainly not had an easy run in Washington so far. She’s been widely criticized for her limited knowledge of the education system and her shaky answers during public interviews. Friends of Betsy’s say that she is not pleased with her portrayal, but she doesn’t feel like those who are criticizing her are worth responding to, and she’ll persevere no matter what’s being written about her.


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Your Advisors on Financial Matters in the Sandwich Generation

Titles that group people together are not uncommon. We frequently hear about millennials talked about as a group for example. However, there is another group that may not be mentioned as often in mass media, but it still has a lot of important things to consider going on in their lives. They are what is called the “sandwich generation.”


HCR Wealth Advisors is an registered investment advisory firm that develops strategies to help clients reach their financial goals going forward. The firm spends an increasing amount of their time these days working with those in the so-called sandwich generation. They want to help those people establish a plan for their financial health and well-being that can keep them on course to reach all of their goals.


Start with Your Own Retirement


The professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors recommend that you focus on your own retirement before you worry about helping out those in your family. While it is indeed a very sweet and noble goal to help others with financial assistance, it is not a good long-term idea to help others until you have helped yourself. You have to lay down the framework for how you will retire before you can go around helping others.


Look to Send Your Children to an Affordable College


College is a great thing for people to attend. At the same time, it has become wildly expensive. If you have not been planning for years and years in advance, you are probably not going to be prepared for the total costs of sending your child to college. That is why you need to think about which schools are affordable and realistic given your budget.


Look at Healthcare Costs


Another area that is rising in costs each and every year is the overall cost of healthcare. You have to ask your parents about their real health situation. The conversation is probably not going to be an easy one, but it is one that you need to have. It is the only way you can get an accurate picture of how much you will have to pay out towards helping them get better.


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Ava Trade review puts the company at the top of online forex trading

In 2006, a team of financial experts and web-commerce specialists with the common goal of improving the retail traders’ online experience joined forces and launched the Ava Trade.


Ava Trade is one of the innovative forerunners of regulated online forex trading. It has a team of close to 500 employees who are dedicated to providing each of its clients with specifically tailored trading solutions while bearing no regard to the client’s previous knowledge or experience.


Ava Trade owns an official website that is fully equipped to make the clients’ trading experience easy and efficient. It also owns an Ava Debit Card that is used in the trading transactions that are done on their website. The central aspect that makes Ava Trade the go-to forex brokers is the fact that they offer more than 250 financial instruments.


Through their website, clients can benefit from regular bonuses and promotions on the products offered. Beginners also get educational resources that guide them through the trading process and the decision making process. There is also a free demo account that beginners can use to practice their way around forex trading before actually putting their money into it.


A market analyst is also available around the clock for five days in a week either via telephone call, live chat or email. They give clients insight on the trading options that are most suitable in a variety of languages including Greek, English, Italian, German, Hebrew, French, and English. Clients can open an account for only one hundred dollars and in the process provide a scanned copy of their National Identification Card, passport or driving license as well as a three-month bank statement or a bill for utilities.


Recently, AvaTrade has added a new collection of digital coins that are trendier than their already impressive ones. The company has also crossed more borders by launching their partnership with the English premier league football club, Manchester City. This partnership makes Ava Trade the team’s online trading companion throughout the counties in the continent of Asia and Latin America.


Ava Trade is slowly revolutionizing online forex trading under the leadership of Daire Ferguson and Joseph Seery, the CEO and CFO respectively.

Ryan Seacrest Talks About His Extremely Busy Career

In the movie Knocked Up Ryan Seacrest had a scene which famously broke the fourth wall. Appearing as himself he was informed that Jessica Simpson would be late for an interview he was to conduct with her. He gets visibly irritated and says something to the effect that he has four jobs and is more famous than most of the people he interviews and they’re always ruining his day because they screw everything up. Ryan Seacrest in real life really is one the busiest, if not the busiest, person in showbiz. He hosts radio shows, manages a collection of menswear, is often found interviewing stars on red carpets, and manages a very busy production studio which puts out shows which made the Kardashians a thing.

In an interview Ryan Seacrest couldn’t identify how many jobs he had going on at that time. He said he has American Idol to host, three radio shows, a New Years Eve show to host, his clothing line, the production company, red carpet interviews, and his charitable organization the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He says he works very efficiently and fast in order to keep up. He said he has also consolidated some of the things he needs to do so that he can get things done without having to go elsewhere. He says he does his radio show just down the hall from the tv studio he works in, for instance.

Ryan Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia. Although he had success before American Idol that was his big break onto the national stage. He received an Emmy for his work on American Idol and then won another as the producer of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

As a child, Ryan Seacrest’s mother has said that he didn’t want to play with G.I. Joe or other toys like that. Instead, he enjoyed using a microphone and putting on shows in the living room. He started to attend the University of Georgia to earn a degree in journalism but he left early so that he could travel to Hollywood and build a career there.

Securus Technologies puts dent in prison gang communications

While the United States prison system is not the absolute worst in the world, by any stretch of the imagination, a few features that are unique to the United States mean that the country’s carceral institutions face unusual problems not faced by other countries. One of those problems is the threat that criminal gangs pose. While gangs can be found in prison systems throughout the world, they are nowhere more powerful and all-consuming of prison daily life than in the United States.


The gang problem is not uniformly distributed throughout the country’s prisons. In some states, it is much more acute than in others. However, as the nation continues to ethnically diversify, states that were previously all but free of prison gangs, like Maine, are beginning to see the same kinds of dynamics play out in their corrections systems that are taking place in states notorious for gang-infestation, like California.


One of the factors that leads to the formation of prison gangs is ethnic diversity within prison systems. While many parts of the United States serve as a shining example of how multiculturalism can work in a democratic setting, when the most anti-social elements of multiple races are forced together into conditions that closely approximate the combat of war, racial harmony quickly breaks down. Thus, we can see in the state of California strictly enforced rules of racial segregation. Despite the fact that official prison segregation has been struck down by the high courts, de facto segregation persists, and it is ruthlessly internally enforced by the race-based gangs themselves.


The racial element adds fuel to an already raging fire of gang criminality and violence. Today’s prison gangs tend to be highly disciplined, hierarchical and run by competent, intelligent leadership. They also tend to operate more like the Mafia of old than the juvenile street gangs that many people may associate them with. The main concern of almost all prison gangs is not gaining turf or being feared; it is making money.


For all of these reasons, the sudden introduction of illegal cellphones into the nation’s prisons in the 2000s gave these dangerous and highly organized gangs the most effective tool for carrying out their drug-money-fueled mayhem that they could have ever dreamed of. Gang leaders suddenly found themselves able to order the intimidation of witnesses, completion of drug sales and even the assassination of prison guards on the outside, with no interference from guards. Illegal cellphones threatened to completely undermine the security of the nation’s entire criminal justice system by empowering these ruthless gangs.


But now, Securus Technologies has unveiled its Wireless Containment System, a high-tech device capable of shutting down 100 percent of illegal cellular calls made from prisons where it is deployed. With the WCS, Securus is taking back America’s prisons from ruthless gangs.