What You Don’t Know About Kamil Idris

Professor Kamil Idris is a name that you will often hear connected to the words “Intellectual Property/” As a former general director of the World Intellectual Property Organization, he has a well-rounded knowledge of all things related to intellectual property.

For example, if you wanted to know about modern laws relating to what is considered to be intellectual property, he would be the first one to explain it to you. Are you familiar with what intellectual property is?

Imagine inventing some kind of product, or even just having the idea to eventually create one. This would be, in a sense, your intellectual property and something that you could protect. From a certain recipe for some mouth-watering dish that makes your restaurant famous to a catchphrase that you coin, there is almost nothing that could be considered off limits when it comes to intellectual property laws.

There are several reasons why this matters in our current world environment, but one of the more important ones is that it benefits the economy. With more individuals able to create and own the rights to ideas and products, the better it will be for their country’s economy. If there were no laws to protect creators, then everyone would be able to take someone else’s idea and make it their own, which would make it much more difficult for anyone to succeed.

Why is Kamil Idris invested in intellectual property? The answer could be in his background. He is highly invested in the laws that have to do with intellectual property, and as a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, he commits himself to keeping the peace on an international level.

Because of his commitment and experience that pertain to intellectual property, it’s no surprise that he is often seen resolving disputes between institutions on an international level. Creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs have people like Kamil Idris to thank for their success and freedom to turn ideas into solid products or services.

With people like Kamil Idris dedicated to protecting individuals ideas and creations, the world is a better place. It is a place where you can take your intellectuality and turn thoughts and ideas into something concrete, and thankfully have patents and trademarks to protect it. Kamil Idris is passionate about this topic and is highly educated on the topic.


An overview of Robert Deignan’s leadership in ATS Digital services

Robert Deignan professional and personal accomplishments are outstanding. Having attained a degree in organizational leadership from Purdue University, he possesses a unique set of leadership skills that have seen him excel in organizational leadership and entrepreneurship.

Soon after leaving his position as the Executive Vice President in iS3 Company after serving company since 2002, Robert Co-established the ATS Digital Services Company where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The company provides digital technical supports services to clients whose computers have technical problems. Despite being in the market for just five years, ATS has taken the digital service industry by storm. The company made history after becoming the first call center company to receive certification from AppEsteem after successfully meeting all the regulatory requirements of the body. This has been possible because the company has hired top professionals and technicians who have helped the company with smart ideas on how to meet AppEsteem’s strict regulations. For instance, the company benchmarked the already certified organizations to evaluate how they were certified. The efforts made by the company made it eligible for certification and since then it has gained a positive reputation in the digital services industry.

Obviously, the company would not have reached this milestone without the leadership of Robert Deignan. His exceptional leadership has made the company make great accomplishments, placing it among the leading companies in the industry. Robert has heavily invested his resources and skills in the company to ensure that the company remains focused in providing quality services to its customers globally. The company has laid out a security system to protect its customers against the rampant cybercrimes facing the digital service industry today. This was the major reason why the company was certified. Robert promised that the company is determined to be a role model to other companies operating in this industry.

Robert is determined to see the ATS grow and this is why he has committed his entrepreneurial skills into the company which has led to the rapid growth of the company. The certification of ATS and advancements by Robert Deignan in the company has made leading software vendors such as Microsoft, regulatory bodies and customers gain more confidence in the company.


Sean Penn On His New Book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

You most likely know Sean Penn from his critically acclaimed roles in such iconic films as Mystic River, Dead Man Walking and Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Recently, however, he has been taking his career in a slightly different direction as he has released his debut novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Now working to promote his book, Penn is looking to reach out to his audience and explain some of the context behind the book, where he plans to go in his career and how his life has changed since turning his back on the film industry. The book has attracted a bit of controversy because of a particular scene in which he lampoons Trump, but Penn insists this was an important scene and makes no apologies for including it in the book. The novel was initially intended to be an audiobook narrated by Penn and a cast of actors.

This was in part because he had no idea how to publish a book. He has said, however, that he enjoyed the process and is looking forward to doing another book in the future. He also mentioned that he already has plans for his next book although he has no film projects in the works at the moment. He said that he enjoys writing more than acting because he has full creative control over the content. He made it quite clear that he would much rather be doing writing full time than working on new movies. The novel does also touch a bit on the recent me too movement.

While he has been compared to some other prolific writers such as Thomas Pynchon, Mark Twain and Charle Bukowski, he has said that he’d rather stand out on his own and let his work speak for itself. The book lampoons our culture’s continued emphasis on branding and Penn has said that it’s important to focus less on your brand and more on your own individuality. So we wish him the best of luck as he embarks on his book tour and hope he has continued success in his writing career.


Drew Madden-Style Innovation Is Needed In Healthcare

The healthcare industry in the United States may appear perplexing to some. The care afforded to patients is, generally, excellent. The costs associated with care, however, can be stratospheric. Roughly $9,200 is spent on healthcare per person in the United States. This leads to a total annual spending figure in the $3 trillion dollar range. While the spent money does deliver some good, the life expectancy of the average American does not increase over people living in other countries spending less money on healthcare.

Improving and reducing costs in the United States’ healthcare sector won’t be easy tasks. The complex problem does require complex solutions. One way to address the situation involves better integrating advanced technology into healthcare operations. A unique tool designed to track patients prior to re-admission into a hospital reflects one example of how brilliant technology may be able to help. Anything providing valuable information to physicians prior to re-admission likely would be appreciated by healthcare providers.

Information technology certainly could play a huge role in modernize healthcare. Drew Madden definitely understands how IT works in the healthcare industry based on his experiences with the Cerner Corporation, Healthia Consulting, and Nordic Consulting. Looking at someone like Madden provides insight into how an innovative professional works.

Innovation in all its forms has benefits in any and all businesses. Innovation is coming to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. In particular, innovation comes by way of Amazon’s involvement. CVS and other established corporations feel some worry over this. An innovative Amazon primed to act as a distributor for prescriptions probably would draw customers away from CVS and other companies.

If Amazon were to acquire the necessary license to distribute prescriptions, customers likely would stick with their one-stop shopping practices. That is, they might buy their prescriptions from Amazon and also add other merchandise and do their shopping carts. When people go to a CVS store to purchase a prescription, they do the same thing. CVS sells a lot of merchandise. Amazon has the potential to draw away CVS’ clustomers. In order to survive, CVS and other drugstores must step up their proverbial game and innovate their business practices.

Clayton Hutson

The rock and roll fan of western Pennsylvanians were busy last weekend with several events throughout the city. The main center of attraction was rapper/rocker Kid rock who has had a highly ambitious rock and roll tour in America. All this is helmed by the stage manager who is highly regarded, known as Clay Hutson. This latest Kid Rock’s tour has been filled with drama and controversy such as the National Hockey League fans outrage and criticism on the decision to headline the game on 28th as his reputation for controversial images and statements have been unwelcome. Also, his bid for Senate last fall with no real intentions of running was considered outrageous. Currently, the use of the name the Greatest Show on earth for the current tour has resulted in a lawsuit, and the tour is now named the American Tour. Learn more: http://www.artistdirect.com/artist/clay-hutson/3218396


Despite all the intense drama and controversy, the American Tour has been a delight to millions and the person behind the scenes has been Clay Hutson. Clay Hutson is a live sound engineer and a production manager. He also worked as a monitor engineer during the ‘Bleed like Me’ World Tour. He has also worked with other personalities such as Jim Roach where he handled the headliner for him as per the needs of Jill Scott using the SD7 console. Still, working as an automation operator, Clay Hutson has been instrumental in the implementation of the Kinesys system to work with other digital devices during the shows. He has also worked for Guns N’ Roses, Kanye West, Prince, and Garbage.


Even with all the disruptions that come with working for Kid Rock, Hutson does not seem bothered by any challenges ahead of him. The latest technological advances for the larger than life arena shows seem exciting to Hutson rather than intimidating. He knows how to make Rock and Roll a spectacle since he expresses a fondness for performers who give their all into a performance. In his own words, “It’s great to see artists push their art.” He believes that it is not just about the music but the art and how the artists express themselves.


What’s the Next Move For José Auriemo Neto?

José Auriemo Neto has issued a promise to move in the next couple of months. Neto is the head of the developer JHSF. His business will leave from Jose Amauri Neto Street where the glorious Platinum Building is located. It will move to the Cidade Jardim Shopping Mall. This building opened its doors in the past months at Marginal Pinheiros.

Just recently, Mariana, his wife for five years and manager of a few of his companies, will birth their third child. The next move for the five members of the Neto family is to relocate from their cozy place in Jardim America to a nice place in the Tuias Building. This is a part of the structure of nine which is being created in the mall which is going to start to open its doors soon.

Luxury stores are the only thing in São Paulo. It also includes a section of Casa do Saber (which was built in the Livraria da Vila). This provides teachings, courses, and seminars on history, philosophy, and art for students. The building additionally added a section for the Reebok gym. Moreover, on the third floor, there is a type of open-air mezzanine. People visiting can enjoy various restaurants and diners (including the Nonno Ruggero). The location provides a great perspective of the Pinheiros Marginal. There are not many reasons to miss out on the change to tour the shopping Cidade Jardim. The people who view the mall will see the first of it’s kind in an architectural project. There is an open-air garden place in the center of the corridors. Neto mentioned that stepping right inside the shops will give that cool air conditioning. The building scheme is the result of a survey which was carried out by the JHSF. They discovered that Paulista doesn’t give enough of a connection with nature.

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