Clayton Hutson

The rock and roll fan of western Pennsylvanians were busy last weekend with several events throughout the city. The main center of attraction was rapper/rocker Kid rock who has had a highly ambitious rock and roll tour in America. All this is helmed by the stage manager who is highly regarded, known as Clay Hutson. This latest Kid Rock’s tour has been filled with drama and controversy such as the National Hockey League fans outrage and criticism on the decision to headline the game on 28th as his reputation for controversial images and statements have been unwelcome. Also, his bid for Senate last fall with no real intentions of running was considered outrageous. Currently, the use of the name the Greatest Show on earth for the current tour has resulted in a lawsuit, and the tour is now named the American Tour. Learn more:


Despite all the intense drama and controversy, the American Tour has been a delight to millions and the person behind the scenes has been Clay Hutson. Clay Hutson is a live sound engineer and a production manager. He also worked as a monitor engineer during the ‘Bleed like Me’ World Tour. He has also worked with other personalities such as Jim Roach where he handled the headliner for him as per the needs of Jill Scott using the SD7 console. Still, working as an automation operator, Clay Hutson has been instrumental in the implementation of the Kinesys system to work with other digital devices during the shows. He has also worked for Guns N’ Roses, Kanye West, Prince, and Garbage.


Even with all the disruptions that come with working for Kid Rock, Hutson does not seem bothered by any challenges ahead of him. The latest technological advances for the larger than life arena shows seem exciting to Hutson rather than intimidating. He knows how to make Rock and Roll a spectacle since he expresses a fondness for performers who give their all into a performance. In his own words, “It’s great to see artists push their art.” He believes that it is not just about the music but the art and how the artists express themselves.



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