InnovaCare Health the backbone of healthcare in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, the widely known Medicare and Medicaid provider is the InnovaCare Health. The InnovaCare takes a big share of the market due to its models that are not only sustainable but also due to the fact they are cost-effective. These healthcare models are well designed and are at par with the modern technology. In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health operates two Medicare plans, PMC and MMM Healthcare. The company has over 7500 providers that serve more than 200,000 registered clients. In the quest to improve the well-being of the Puerto Ricans, InnovaCare Health manages two Medicare plans that are within the Government Health Care plan. This ensures a wide coverage and a larger inclusion of all the residents in Puerto Rico.


The company has the interest of the patients at heart. By this, InnovaCare works hard to make sure that the patients throughout North America and those who are under their care receive a world-class and innovative care. The company has been working round the clock in order to fulfill their mission while at the same time overcoming the challenges in the modern day health care. InnovaCare Health main objective is to bring a new look into the management of today’s healthcare environment.


The success of InnovaCare Health in Puerto Rico is unrivaled by other competitors. The company’s success can only be attributed to their good management team comprising of Penelope Kokkinides as the chief administrative officer and rick Shinto as the CEO and president of the company. Both have had a long and successful career in the medical industry. Rick Shinto has worked as a management and clinical administrative expert in various companies while Penelope is a well-known specialist in government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. The management team points out that they work together with their staff not only in coming up with the ideas but also in implementing the raised ideas. Working together has helped the company be leading medical care health plan provider in the country.


Penelope Kokkinides dedication towards better healthcare plans for the Puerto Ricans has seen her meet the united states president Donald Trump at the white house. She advocated for more funding to the healthcare by the government. Penelope pointed out that the funds meant for healthcare in Puerto Rico has continuously dropped since 2011. She said that an increase in funding will help the country address the cuts and help the medical sector in Puerto Rico be on par with the other countries.


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