Igor Cornelsen’s Investment Advice

If there is one thing that Igor Cornelsen knows, its investments. He has made name for himself in the world of investing by correctly predicting fluctuations in the market time and time again. He does this by tapping the source of economic news. Whereas most investors pay attention to the analysis and reports of other investors, Cornelsen looks only at the news. He forms his own opinion, based on fact, and he is seldom wrong.

His experience, both as an investor and as a businessman has helped propel his investment firm to the highest ranks of success. He started the firm in 1995, after spending several years working for a number of London Merchant Banks, including Libra Bank PLC and Standard Charted Merchant Bank.

Cornelsen spends time studying the economic pattern s of various nations. He enjoys macroeconomics and tends to focus his research on the interactions between global economic powerhouses. By doing this,Igor Cornelsen is able to stay ahead of the curve, and correctly predict impending rises and falls in the stock market.

Initially studying to be an engineer, Cornelsen changed majors after just two years in college. He graduated from the Federal University of Panama with a degree in economics in 1970. He worked for a local investment firm for a few years before moving to Rio de Janeiro. In Rio, he soon found himself on the board of directors for Multibanco, a massive investment firm. He quickly climbed the ranks and became CEO of Multibanco in 1976.

He moved to Unibanco from Multibanco, and once again served on the board of directors. This was followed by his stint at the London Merchant Bank Libra Bank LPC.

Cornelsen’s advice to investors is always the same: do your own research. He finds that most analytical reports are biased and lead investors astray.

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