David McDonald’s Presence at OSI Group is Undeniable

David McDonald serves as the president of the OSI Group which is a popular food provider worldwide. His presence in the company has been felt for more than thirty years considering that the McDonalds were the first people to get into a partnership with the group. Before joining the company, he served as chairman of the North American Meat Institute. In that case, he had gained a lot of experience in the food industry precisely meat which the OSI Group started with as their primary product. At the company, he started off as a project manager and worked his way to the president’s position meaning he worked smart and competently. The fact that the company has facilities all over the world means that someone has to attend to the logistics department which David McDonald does majorly. In that case, he has a reliable team that makes sure that customers in the local markets as well get their products on time and in the right measures.

David McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University where he acquired degree in animal science. In that case, he is knowledgeable in the business as the company deals with animal products and therefore offers his expertise from a professional point of view. From his observation, he believes that the OSI Group has flourished rapidly because of becoming a part of the local culture. By appreciating the local people, the company has been able to thrive from the bottom to greater heights as they learn about the broader market from the grass root. Additionally, David McDonald appreciates that the company can create partnerships that add value to its daily activities. With such diverse and reliable partners, the company can remain inventive and adapt to the business environment that changes from time to time.

Since becoming president of the OSI Group, David McDonald has overseen the acquisition of Flagship Europe, a company that supplies frozen poultry. The fact that the group added poultry as a new product line means that they needed a company to support the same hence the acquisition. With the purchase as well, the group expanded its market in Europe and their presence would as well be felt from a close range. Baho Foods as well was bought by the company under his leadership, and it is a company that majors in deli meat and the processing of food products. In that case, the OSI Group is heavily armed with all the necessary support it needs to remain relevant in a competitive market.


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