Ted Bauman: What Makes Him Tick And How He Remains Successful

Revered for his earnest efforts in entrepreneurial pursuits, Ted Bauman is an integral component of the financial sphere. Renowned for his honorable status as a shrewd financial advisor, Bauman excels in his trade. As well-traveled as he is intuitive, Ted Bauman is a man of boundless insight and tremendous life experience. Fortunately, these attributes lent a helping hand in earning Bauman credibility. As a young adult, Bauman’s thirst for knowledge precipitated his relocation to South Africa. While assimilating this foreign land, Bauman attended college at the University of Cape Town. Following his collegiate studies, Bauman remained in South Africa to revel in its culturally rich atmosphere.

During this juncture, Ted Bauman took various jobs in the hopes of acquiring a broad set of skills. Some of the hats he wore included fund manager, consultant, and executive. Though his time in South Africa proved a life-enhancing experience, Bauman returned to his American roots where he furthered his financial career as the Director of International Programs. Some years later, Bauman felt the urge to switch gears and pursue a thrilling line of work, financial writing. Drawing inspiration from his father, Bauman vowed to refine Bauman’s writing abilities and counseling methods in the hopes of echoing his father’s career as an illustrious financial writer.

Bauman quickly found success in this new endeavor, earning a column courtesy of Banyan Hill Publishing. Dubbed The Bauman Letter, this weekly newsletter “offers advice about preserving and securing wealth.” No doubt a businessman of many triumphs, Ted Bauman undoubtedly knows what it takes to succeed in the daunting if not ruthless business world. According to Bauman, productivity is the key to success. What’s more, he asserts that developing time management skills is the linchpin of productivity. Not surprisingly, Bauman’s mastered the art of both. With his unbridled ambition and decades of industry experience, Ted Bauman will no doubt continue to thrive in his industry.

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