Stream Energy is One of the Leading Companies that Reduces Phantom Drain

Reducing Phantom Drain


Majority of people often pay higher electricity bills than that they require. This occurs due phantom drain. The term describes electricity that is consumed by electrical appliances that have been switched off but are still plugged-in the sockets. These individuals begin to wonder how they will manage these bills. What are reasons for the high bills? This is the question that still remains unanswered. Managing phantom drain can help avoid frustrations caused by unnecessary bills.


People should be aware that household appliances that are plugged-in but are not actively used, continue to consume energy. Although electrical appliances may not consume a lot of energy at first, the amount of energy consumed increases with time. The common misconception is that electrical gadgets do not consume electricity, as long as they are not active.


Most of the plugged-in gadgets, including a game console, a coffee maker, computer screens and printers use an annual fee of $1. Other high-power appliances, such a fridge, and a DVR consume energy that is worth around $36.80. The highest power consumption appliances, including a home theater, consumes over $130 worth of electricity each year ( Most economists argue that the amount of money lost through phantom drain can be of great importance if saved.


One way of combating phantom drain is completely shutting down all appliances when they are not used. One can also batch the gadgets into power strips. Regular monitoring of your energy can be very important. A Monitoring technology has been invented to assist in checking phantom drain.


About Stream Energy


Founded in 2004, Steam Energy is one of the most recognized direct-selling companies in the world. The pioneers of this company were Rob Snyder and Pierre KoshaJki. This firm initially began as an electric and natural gas company. Today, the organization has expanded to a Stream Energy that is recognized globally.


Stream Energy is situated in Dallas, Texas. Some of the services that Stream energy provide include wireless networks, protective materials, and energy. Utilities Commission of Texas licensed Stream Energy on 21st January 2005. The company has been providing energy to many states in the United States. Examples of these states include New York, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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