InnovaCare Health the backbone of healthcare in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, the widely known Medicare and Medicaid provider is the InnovaCare Health. The InnovaCare takes a big share of the market due to its models that are not only sustainable but also due to the fact they are cost-effective. These healthcare models are well designed and are at par with the modern technology. In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health operates two Medicare plans, PMC and MMM Healthcare. The company has over 7500 providers that serve more than 200,000 registered clients. In the quest to improve the well-being of the Puerto Ricans, InnovaCare Health manages two Medicare plans that are within the Government Health Care plan. This ensures a wide coverage and a larger inclusion of all the residents in Puerto Rico.


The company has the interest of the patients at heart. By this, InnovaCare works hard to make sure that the patients throughout North America and those who are under their care receive a world-class and innovative care. The company has been working round the clock in order to fulfill their mission while at the same time overcoming the challenges in the modern day health care. InnovaCare Health main objective is to bring a new look into the management of today’s healthcare environment.


The success of InnovaCare Health in Puerto Rico is unrivaled by other competitors. The company’s success can only be attributed to their good management team comprising of Penelope Kokkinides as the chief administrative officer and rick Shinto as the CEO and president of the company. Both have had a long and successful career in the medical industry. Rick Shinto has worked as a management and clinical administrative expert in various companies while Penelope is a well-known specialist in government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. The management team points out that they work together with their staff not only in coming up with the ideas but also in implementing the raised ideas. Working together has helped the company be leading medical care health plan provider in the country.


Penelope Kokkinides dedication towards better healthcare plans for the Puerto Ricans has seen her meet the united states president Donald Trump at the white house. She advocated for more funding to the healthcare by the government. Penelope pointed out that the funds meant for healthcare in Puerto Rico has continuously dropped since 2011. She said that an increase in funding will help the country address the cuts and help the medical sector in Puerto Rico be on par with the other countries.


Waiakea Water is Sustainable and Alkaline

Waiakea Water has been perfectly positioned as more and more people turn from drinking questionable tap water instead, drinking bottled water. Still, there is concern even about bottled water. The fact is bottled water does generally lack some of the dangers associated with drinking water from the tap. Citizens face this possibility every time they have to decide where to obtain a glass of water. Do they turn on the tap or buy a bottle of water, which they can assume is free of contaminants. But, Waiakea takes it even further, it is not only free of contaminants, it’s also healthier than the average bottle of water.

Unhealthy Tap Water

Local tap water has recently been cited for having unhealthy levels of chemicals: arsenic, lead, trihalomethane (possesses cleaning by-products), manganese, uranium, atrazine (an herbicide), nitrate, alpha particles (a form of radiation), haloacetic acids (disinfection by-products), Tetrachloroethylene (dry cleaning fluid), radium-226, radium-228, bromoform (cleaning by-product) and benzene. These chemicals were found in the tap water of several major cities in the United States.

The Average Bottle of Water

The alkaline content of your water has an effect on your health. Most water has an alkalinity of 4-7 pH. The required pH for the human body is 7 pH. Waiakea Water has a natural pH of 8.2. Drinking Waiakea water, which is free of all the chemicals known to be in mainland waters and has the necessary alkalinity to aid the body in generating more energy, speeding up metabolism and slowing the aging process. These things are accomplished when the blood is more alkaline and consequently doesn’t leach calcium from the bones to compensate for its being extremely acidic.

With an 8.2 pH. Waiakea Water is indeed alkaline enough to drink with confidence every time. It’s clean, it tastes great and it’s sustainable. Waiakea Water was founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012, a California & Hawaii native who decided to share the bountiful source of clear water his family drank on his uncle’s land in Hawaii. He had the foresight to grasp how others would appreciate the benefits of Waiakea Water. At the base of the volcano, the water source continuously is replenished by rain and melting snow and as it flows through the porous lava, it gains the minerals and alkalinity that makes it so good for the body.

Getting your life back at the Osteo Relief Institute

Are you one of the more than 50 million adults affected by Arthritis, osteoarthritis? If so, you know the pain it carries and how it can prevent you from living the active lifestyle you enjoyed so much throughout your life. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint condition that can cause swelling, significant pain and even disability.

Simply put, “wear and tear” on the cartilage within the joints can occur from age, obesity, genetics, injury, and certain metabolic conditions. This degeneration causes loss of strength and chronic pain.

There are several solutions for dealing with this condition. Some are as basic as daily exercise. While people may be in pain from the condition, it becomes very important for people to move around throughout the day. Physical activity plays a key mitigating role in further progression and associated pain. There are also several over the counter (OTC) drug options, such as Advil, acetaminophen and topical painkillers that may alleviate pain. The Staff at Osteo Relief Institute will help develop the best program for you to deal with your Osteoarthritis.

The solutions offered at Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey are delivered by an experienced and well trained medical staff, specializing in arthritis. Osteo Relief Institute provides solutions by getting to know the patients. Understanding a patient’s history of injuries, accidents, how they describe the pain and any family history provides us with the best input for diagnosis and treatment.

At Osteo Relief Institute, the goal is getting patients back to their active lifestyles as quickly as possible. That means helping you stay active, happy and without the pain that comes from the degenerative condition. Osteo Relief Institute offers a free introductory screening. Whether suffering from minor pain to severe osteoarthritis, Osteo Relief Institute uses the latest technology to provide a myriad of solutions to best fit your needs.

While daily exercise can greatly assist in managing the condition of osteoarthritis, we recommend you speak with a Doctor at Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore or physical therapist before beginning a new exercise routine (BBB). There are solutions out there to bring you back to your pain-free, active lifestyle. Come to Osteo Relief Institute for a consultation to find your solution.


The Medical Entrepreneur- Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll was born in Brazil. He grew to become a well-known Entrepreneur in his country. Moll lives in Rio de Janeiro. He is also the president of board members of Rede D’oR Company. Moreover, Jorge is a cardiologist by profession. Jorge is the founder of a diagnostic imaging company that is based in Brazil. The clinic has grown due to the excellent management staff to become one of the largest hospitals in Brazil. Further, the hospital’s lab has also increased its fame and is also the largest in Brazil. Jorge further owns D’Or which comprises more than thirty hospitals. Moll also held subsidiary labs which he sold in 2010. Jorge made contact with a Medical services provider in Brazil who purchased his labs. Jorge acquired control over Sao Luiz which is a hospital group based in Saulo Paulo (


Further, Jorge Moll had sales of stakes to Carlyle group. He also managed to sell stakes to wealth fund GIC which is in Singapore. As such, Moll’s fame grew, and he became well-known in the health sector (Wikipedia). Jorge Moll also aims to expand his hospitals. As such, he took a loan from the International Finance Corporation in 2014. The credit was to help his hospitals to develop and improve their service provision across Brazil. Later, Jorge gave up his title of being the CEO of his group of hospitals. He, therefore, became the chairman of the board of directors.

Jorge’s hospital also provides options for patients around Rio de Janeiro and Saulo Paulo areas. Jorge Moll discovered the first neuroscientist in the world. The discovery entailed a detailed report of the relationship between health and volunteering. Further, in his statement, he encourages people of Brazil to engage in voluntary action. He is a champion in various activities that have become a norm in Brazil. Jorge Moll is, therefore, a medical entrepreneur who strives to make quality health services available in Brazil.