The Medical Entrepreneur- Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll was born in Brazil. He grew to become a well-known Entrepreneur in his country. Moll lives in Rio de Janeiro. He is also the president of board members of Rede D’oR Company. Moreover, Jorge is a cardiologist by profession. Jorge is the founder of a diagnostic imaging company that is based in Brazil. The clinic has grown due to the excellent management staff to become one of the largest hospitals in Brazil. Further, the hospital’s lab has also increased its fame and is also the largest in Brazil. Jorge further owns D’Or which comprises more than thirty hospitals. Moll also held subsidiary labs which he sold in 2010. Jorge made contact with a Medical services provider in Brazil who purchased his labs. Jorge acquired control over Sao Luiz which is a hospital group based in Saulo Paulo (


Further, Jorge Moll had sales of stakes to Carlyle group. He also managed to sell stakes to wealth fund GIC which is in Singapore. As such, Moll’s fame grew, and he became well-known in the health sector (Wikipedia). Jorge Moll also aims to expand his hospitals. As such, he took a loan from the International Finance Corporation in 2014. The credit was to help his hospitals to develop and improve their service provision across Brazil. Later, Jorge gave up his title of being the CEO of his group of hospitals. He, therefore, became the chairman of the board of directors.

Jorge’s hospital also provides options for patients around Rio de Janeiro and Saulo Paulo areas. Jorge Moll discovered the first neuroscientist in the world. The discovery entailed a detailed report of the relationship between health and volunteering. Further, in his statement, he encourages people of Brazil to engage in voluntary action. He is a champion in various activities that have become a norm in Brazil. Jorge Moll is, therefore, a medical entrepreneur who strives to make quality health services available in Brazil.