People In Dallas Get Their Butts In Shape With A Brazilian Butt Lift

Everyone wants to look good in the clothes that they wear. Sometime the rear end leaves a lot to be desired. The new trend is the butt lift. You can have the butt that you want with just a little fat transfer. This rear end augmentation is called the Brazilian Butt Lift. Fat is transplanted to the butt from other areas of the body. The rear is then transformed into the shape and size that you desire. If you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, North Texas Plastic Surgery is the place to get the Brazilian Butt Lift. They also have offices in South Lake, and Plano areas.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure involves removing fat from an area of the body to transfer to the buttocks. This is done by liposuction, then the fat is purified before being put back into the body. If the body does not have enough body fat, then butt implants are used. This is purely a cosmetic procedure designed to add firmness, and volume to the buttocks. It will shape and contour the butt to your specifications. If you do not like the way you look in pants, or if the butt has sagging skin, this procedure will address those problems. You can schedule a consultation at the North Texas Plastic Surgery Clinic and discuss all of your available options for the Brazilian Butt Lift.

There are certain restrictions to this surgery. Some of them are that you must be in good general health, with no health issues. Your weight must be at a stable level, and you must not be a smoker, as this may make your recovery longer. Most of the surgeries performed by North Texas Plastic Surgery in Dallas are done at their South Lake location. Schedule an appointment if you think you are a candidate.