NGP VAN creates new solutions for digital canvassing

It is common knowledge that the elections of today are no longer being done like the elections of the past. Technology has been deployed in a big way in the manner campaigns are being done to win the votes. Canvassing is no longer being done as before. Traditionally, canvassing was being done from door-door, but this concept is no longer effective as it used to be. The rise of technological innovations that can analyze data with ease has changed the approach used in the campaigns.


In recent elections, the application of technological innovations has taken center stage. From 2008, campaigns have taken a different path where candidates and political parties are tapping into the advanced technology to reach out to the voters. In the federal elections of 2016, the campaigns from all parties cost $6.4 billion, meaning that a lot of money was invested in winning the votes.


What makes the traditional methods of campaigns ineffective?


After research conducted by Professors Kall and Brockman on how effective door-door canvassing was, they realized that its effects were almost close to negligible. Changes that you can change the mind of the people through door-door methods no longer work and the same case applies to many other forms of traditional campaign methods.


They did a test on how effective door-door would be and realized that it would only change the mind of one voter out of 800. This outcome shows that it is a useless way of trying to gain votes from the people. Canvassing only work for people who believe in the same ideas as the canvassers but not when trying to win undecided or opposite ideologies.


In modern days, campaigns need not worry about the traditional ways of canvassing. We are in a digital age where everything is being done via technology. By applying software solutions, it is possible to have a far much effective campaign than using other methods.

One company leads in the deployment of technology in elections. NGP VAN is creating effective tools that have already helped Democrats and progressives in their campaigns. Their tools so far have proved to be the most reliable in getting voters out to vote.


NGP VAN uses tools that use voter data for a successful digital canvassing campaign. The solutions offered by NGP VAN are so effective that they helped Former President Barack Obama to win in two elections.


NGP VAN is based in Washington DC, and it is right at the center of women campaign movements. They support the role women play in places of work.

An overview of Robert Deignan’s leadership in ATS Digital services

Robert Deignan professional and personal accomplishments are outstanding. Having attained a degree in organizational leadership from Purdue University, he possesses a unique set of leadership skills that have seen him excel in organizational leadership and entrepreneurship.

Soon after leaving his position as the Executive Vice President in iS3 Company after serving company since 2002, Robert Co-established the ATS Digital Services Company where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The company provides digital technical supports services to clients whose computers have technical problems. Despite being in the market for just five years, ATS has taken the digital service industry by storm. The company made history after becoming the first call center company to receive certification from AppEsteem after successfully meeting all the regulatory requirements of the body. This has been possible because the company has hired top professionals and technicians who have helped the company with smart ideas on how to meet AppEsteem’s strict regulations. For instance, the company benchmarked the already certified organizations to evaluate how they were certified. The efforts made by the company made it eligible for certification and since then it has gained a positive reputation in the digital services industry.

Obviously, the company would not have reached this milestone without the leadership of Robert Deignan. His exceptional leadership has made the company make great accomplishments, placing it among the leading companies in the industry. Robert has heavily invested his resources and skills in the company to ensure that the company remains focused in providing quality services to its customers globally. The company has laid out a security system to protect its customers against the rampant cybercrimes facing the digital service industry today. This was the major reason why the company was certified. Robert promised that the company is determined to be a role model to other companies operating in this industry.

Robert is determined to see the ATS grow and this is why he has committed his entrepreneurial skills into the company which has led to the rapid growth of the company. The certification of ATS and advancements by Robert Deignan in the company has made leading software vendors such as Microsoft, regulatory bodies and customers gain more confidence in the company.

Talk Fusion Improves Video Chat Application

Talk Fusion is a global firm that has been in the limelight since it was introduced to consumers in the year 2007. The video communication company understands the needs of consumers when it comes to video communication, and this is why it has managed to perform so well despite the numerous challenges that are available in the market. The video marketing products from Talk Fusion have been making headlines in the international market, and they are used by millions of people who want to get profits. Marketing can be a challenging affair, especially for companies that are starting in the modern times. Talk Fusion has managed to assist many companies because of offering video communication services at very affordable rates. Bob Reina is the professional who started the successful direct selling company more than ten years ago. His expertise in direct selling has made the company products very popular in the global market.


Talk Fusion made headlines just recently. According to the news that are being shared by the executives in the large institution, Talk Fusion customers should get ready for a more improved service. The organization has chosen to improve its top Video Chat services, making it a leader in the global market. Bob Reina, the president of the institution says that his company has decided to re-engineer the application so that customers can enjoy great video support, permanent chat rooms, superior contact management and several other benefits. Apart from having these great features, the application will now have a modern and robust desktop, screen and file sharing. Everything in the new application will be powered by the prestigious and high quality WebRTC technology.


WebRTC is one of the modern real- time technologies that were introduced into the globe several months ago. This technology has made things so easy because it makes communication better and at the end of the day improves the experience of the customer. Talk Fusion realized the importance of this modern technology several years ago and then decided that it was going to use it so that customers in the international platform can get a chance to enjoy excellent services. WebRTC technology is still very new in the market, but experts say that it is one of the best things that happened in the lives of the modern consumers. Talk Fusion is very excited about the new improvements that have been done on the Video Chat application. The company is looking forward to increasing the features of the app in the future.  Learn more: