OG Juan Perez And Jay-Z Go Back Many Years Together

OG Juan Perez and Jay-Z go back many years together. The two were introduced by a mutual friend Kareem Biggs Burke. Burke is one of the founding members of the record label where Jay Z was having tremendous success in the 90s and early 2000s. Juan Perez was helping Jay-Z run the studio. The two became fast friends and found out that they had a great deal in common. They went on to form several business ventures together. One of them includes the 40/40 Club sports bar chain. Jay-Z and OG Juan Perez had success with the 40/40 Club. It is based in New York and brings an interesting concept to sports bars and overall entertainment.

In 2013 the two decided to expand on their ideas and venture into a new business arena. They introduced Roc Nation Sports as a sports agency in order to address the many problems that were going on with professional athletes. Roc Nation Sports had been on the discussion table between Perez and Jay-Z for quite some time. It took several years for the ideas to materialize into a solid business plan. OG Juan is currently the President of Roc Nation Sports. The organization focuses on giving athletes full representation that reaches outside of the boundaries of their particular profession.

OG Juan Perez and his wife made news by stepping out on the town for a luxurious celebration. They were accompanied by Jay-Z, his wife and other members of The Roc Nation family. The crew visited several high-profile New York City venues. One included the Japanese restaurant Zuma where they spent a reported $13,000. They dropped $9,000 on Jay-Z’s brand of cognac at the restaurant Made in Mexico. They capped off the night with a $91,000 tab on exclusive items and champagne. The events were front page news on many publications. Jay-Z was heralded for spending such an expensive amount on his friend’s 50th birthday. However, Jay-Z himself revealed later that it was OG Juan himself who actually paid the bill for the evening.