The Inspiring Story Of The Chairman Of CVC, Guilherme Paulus

One of the most influential entrepreneurs in the last fifty years, Guilherme Paulus has made a mark in the economic history of Brazil. As the owner of CVC, GJP Hotels and Resorts and Webjet Airlines, he has improved the holistic economic condition in Brazil. Born in Sau Paulo, Brazil, he jumpstarted his career in the tourism industry along with his partner Vincent Cerchiari, a top politician in the 80’s.

At the age of 24, Guilherme Paulus founded CVC which has been the largest tour operator in the country for the last two decades. Currently, it has 400 agency stores in hundreds of shopping malls in the country which generates an annual revenue of $5.2 billion. With 30,000 business partners, they are steadily growing at a very fast pace since the dawn of 21st century. In 2009 the company received financial assistance from a global investment firm for major acquisitions in the country, which was followed by a dramatic increase in the revenue generation. In 2013, the company went public as the offered their shares with an IPO and went directly on the stock exchange charts.

Guilherme Paulus has been ambitious throughout his career and in 2005, inaugurated a chain of hotels called the GJP Hotels and Resorts. Currently, they are handling 19 hotels and has serious plans for expansion mostly near different airports providing a comfortable stay for tourists coming from different parts of the globe.

The most unforeseen move he made in his career was the acquisition of the dying airliner called Webjet. According to a study by an authoritative figure in the aviation industry, Webjet is currently the third largest airliner in the country and is generating billions of dollars every year.

Guilherme Paulus is a very busy person but makes sure that he takes out time from his packed schedule to assist the people in need. Apart from the moral support, he has made huge donations to various non-profit organizations and charities. He has a strong sense of social responsibility which reflects on the work he did in the PIET project. This particular project has a noble cause which focuses on providing education and other accessories to children belong from poor families and also give them an opportunity to work in the tourism industry.